Are you feeling the call for change?

Welcome to Integral View

I wonder what has drawn you here? Is life offering you another challenge where you need to grow again to be able to meet? These challenges arise in our families and careers, within teams and even through our hobbies and passions. Often these situations can lead to deep frustration and suffering as we try to grapple to understand what is actually going on. It is very difficult to see our own deeper mental patterns that have served us well previously but are now bumping into their limitations. Eventually, much suffering may deliver the insight needed to bring these patterns to awareness and give a choice to go a new route. The purpose of integral coaching is to provide that vital insight in a much more enjoyable way through deep mapping of the situation and providing a highly effective and sustainable route beyond it. 

My name is Jonathan and I set up Integral View with the intention to carefully listen and look for what is hidden under the surface of sticky and frustrating situations to help people and teams refresh their energy, gain new focus and evolve. 

Integral coaches do not use a single psychological map – they are trained to use multiple maps and show how they overlay and interact with each other. Through doing this, the area for work can be pinpointed much more accurately. When fishing for a specific catch, you can vastly improve your likelihood of success by fishing in a pool than in an ocean.

This mapping system of our ocean of consciousness is called integral theory and is widely regarded as the leading model of human evolution available in the World today. Integral view offers introductory education in this framework and utilises it in powerful ways to support people’s growth. Good maps make for faster and less painful journeys. Find the best you can to reach your next destination.