Are you feeling the call for change?

Welcome to Integral View

Life offers us constant challenges and opportunities that require us to grow and develop beyond our current capacities. This can arise in our careers, within business teams or in our home environments. Often these situations mean we suffer or feel frustrated and this can be costly too. Would some coaching help to support that important journey?

My name is Jonathan and I set up Integral View with the purpose to carefully listen and look for what may be hidden under the surface of these situations to help people evolve. A deeper view offers individuals and teams the opportunity to paint new pictures of themselves with refreshed energy, focus and direction.

Over the past 120 years developmental psychologists have developed well-proven maps of how people and organisations grow based in extensive research. American Ken Wilber realised that these individual maps are actually in dynamic relationship with each other as part of a greater multidimensional map to look at who we are. This is called integral theory and is widely regarded as the leading model of human evolution available in the World today. Integral view offers introductory education in this framework and utilises it in subtle ways to support coaching and consultancy conversations. Good maps make for faster and less painful journeys. Find the best you can to reach your next destination.