What is integral?

We can often give a better attempt at explaining the world around us than the world within us. We know we have changed dramatically since being children and know we are still on a journey – a journey of gradual evolution of our meaning-making systems and psychological capabilities. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a good map to understand how we have got here and the best way to reach our desired destinations?

For over 100 years, research has been conducted by psychologists into how people grow. This research has shown that just as when we were children, adults can continue to grow too. To support this process of emergence, tested and effective parts of this research have been synthesised as an integrated master map by Ken Wilber – called integral theory. The theory can be utilised to provide inspiring, practical and understandable insight and guidance to incubate the capabilities of people and organisations.

Integral View provides spiral dynamics testing and integral coaching to individuals and groups.

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