Seeking to grow? Use the best map for the journey with integral coaching

Why choose Integral coaching?

We all naturally encounter challenges in our lives and will approach them with our tried and trusted mental model. Eventually, we bump into situations that are too demanding for our current psychological model to deal with and growth is called for. This has already happened to you on many occasions as you have developed from being a child to being an adult. Life nowadays is much more complex than in past times and research is showing that this process of transformation can continue throughout adulthood, given the right stimulus.

Through our life experiences, the mental model we are using will have developed preferences to some things and resistances to others – it has a current pattern of how it gets things done.

Over the past 100 years, psychologists from places such as Harvard University have been researching how these mental models function and grow. Well-proven research from this field has been brought together in what many regard as the leading psychological framework available in the world today known as integral theory. Integral coaching uses this theory and applies it in powerful and practical ways to support development in your chosen area for coaching, leading to faster and more sustained results.

Please note that you do not need to know anything about this theory yourself – that’s my job to do in the background!

The journey begins with you choosing your area of focus or topic.

Your coaching programme will focus on achieving growth in a specific area of your life. This topic will be something that you are currently finding a challenge or that you feel can be achieved and yet has remained just out of reach. This is the first choice to make and usually forms part of the conversation during the initial chemistry call. Your topic should have real meaning for you and be something that is occurring regularly in your day-to-day life.  

The topic helps to highlight the mental structure you are currently using to approach tasks at a scale that is palpable and real. The coaching programme will seek bring this model more and more into awareness so that you gain choice over its behaviour and the opportunity to expand capacity.

Following on from the coaching container, when you turn around to meet other areas of your life, the extra capacity developed through the coaching is still available. The topic provides necessary focus but the benefits are much broader longer-term than just in the topic area itself.


Your Integral Coaching Package with Spiral Dynamics Assessment.

If you decide to proceed, you will receive Integral Coaching based on the proven methods and techniques from Integral Coaching Canada – the gold standard of coaching training organisations. 

Following the free chemistry call, the package you will receive delivers 8 to 9 sessions about 3 weeks apart to complete the following structure:

Chemistry call– a conversation to meet each other and talk about how integral coaching works and how it may serve your development. This usually includes a discussion to help get focussed upon a particular topic area.

The intake process– we explore your topic from as many perspectives as possible to build a comprehensive picture of your current approach. This includes talking through your full spiral dynamics psychometric assessment (examples of these reports are available to download on the spiral dynamics page on this website).

Offer – the information from your intake will be offered back to you in the form of a deep description of two models. One model will be your current way model and one will be your new way to grow into.

Three cycles of development – these sessions offer simple practices to build the developmental muscles you need to grow from your current way to your new way. We will review and discuss challenges that arise and see where the next appropriate step is. Each session is individually crafted, with a review and your next practice written up and emailed to you the following day.

Completion – we bring the coaching to a close with an overall review and appreciation of your journey. It also includes suggestions for what may be supportive for you following on from your coaching container as Integral Coaching often has a momentum that goes beyond the sessions themselves.

There is a commitment you will need to make to get to where you want to be in your topic area. You will need to commit to 5 to 10 minutes of your time every day during the coaching journey to complete the practices agreed in your sessions. You will also need to make brief notes which we will discuss in your next session. This time is in addition to your coaching sessions.  

So that you have a recording of each session to keep, review and revisit, our sessions will take place on Zoom. This also means you don’t have to travel and can be relaxed and comfortable in your own space. Zoom is completely free to use – all you need is reasonable Wi-Fi.

I also record your sessions at my end and for your security, my drive is password protected. At the end of your coaching journey, I will ask you if there are any files or recordings that you are missing. I will send any missing recordings and then for security I will delete all of your coaching sessions from my records.

If you would like to arrange your free chemistry call please email me with a couple of times that would work for you and your relevant time zone.


Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.

— Ken Wilber.

I experienced Jonathan delivering presentations to introduce integral theory as well as a private integral coach. In both settings I was impressed by his broad knowledge of the material, his skills to deeply listen to questions and find appropriate, related and personalised answers, all of which testify to how much he has made integral theory his own multi dimensional spiritual path of learning and growing and serving. He is courageous, fun, skilled and to the point. The way he learned from and grew with his own life journey make him a unique teacher. I would choose and recommend Jonathan any day to anyone.

— Durten Lau, Listener Convenor of the New Findhorn Association and long-term member of the Findhorn Community.