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Integral coaching

Sometimes we seem to sail through parts of life and sometimes we feel like we are walking in treacle. Why is that? We all have a current way of doing things that will have served us well for a period of time. This ‘current way’ is like a piece of software that is running the show but nearly impossible for us to see ourselves. Eventually, this model encounters situations beyond its capacity to deal with and the call for change and growth arrives. Your current way will have well trodden preferences and resistances that can be moved from being invisible to visible through the integral coaching process. Once made conscious, patterns can be clearly seen and this offers choice to expand to a new view of yourself that sustainably meets what you want to achieve.

This is as important for businesses as it is for individuals. Businesses carry the collective mental models of their employees and often older beliefs and values from the DNA of the business history itself. The consciousness of the business can only develop as far as that of the leadership. The pace of change in numerous business environments has become so rapid nowadays that it is stretching many leadership teams capacity for complexity.

Integral coaching is an interactive process that is designed to serve you. We will define a tangible topic area to work with and I will listen and ask questions during your intake and then make an offer of a new way of being that transcends and includes the current way. We then move into cycles of development, with simple supportive practices that are individually tailored to open up and build new mental and behavioural pathways, creating the conditions for sustained success in your topic area.

The integral coaching process holds to the following structure, with sessions often 2 to 3 weeks apart:

      • Intake – about 90 mins
      • Offer – about 90 mins
      • Cycles of development – about 60 to 90 mins
      • Completion – about 1 hour

I conduct most of my coaching through Zoom or Skype as I find it works even better than in person. Zoom sessions can be easily recorded to provide a record for the client and relevant media can be screen shared. As with Skype, Zoom is free for the client to receive.

I offer a free informal chat with absolutely no obligation to cover any questions you may have. This is usually really helpful to find out if this is for you and we feel resonance to enter the process together.

The coaching methodology I use has been developed out of a depth of experience held in Integral Coaching Canada. Often referred to as the Gold Standard for coaching training, they are the only accredited Integral coaching programme in the world that surpasses Master’s level International Coaching Federation requirements.

A beautiful article exploring the dance between change and resistance from Joanne Hunt of Integral Coaching Canada can be found here.

Integral Coaching Canada provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching program available.

— Ken Wilber.

I experienced Jonathan delivering presentations to introduce integral theory as well as a private integral coach. In both settings I was impressed by his broad knowledge of the material, his skills to deeply listen to questions and find appropriate, related and personalised answers, all of which testify to how much he has made integral theory his own multi dimensional spiritual path of learning and growing and serving. He is courageous, fun, skilled and to the point. The way he learned from and grew with his own life journey make him a unique teacher. I would choose and recommend Jonathan any day to anyone.

— Durten Lau, Listener Convenor of the New Findhorn Association and long-term member of the Findhorn Community.








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