What do you value?


What do you value?

Safety and security?

What do you value?


What do you value?

Structure and order?

What do you value?

Achievement and rationality?

What do you value?

Equality and diversity?

What do you value?

Functionality and flow?

Spiral Dynamics Assessment

Often used as a central component of integral theory, Spiral Dynamics is the study of how people activate new levels of values as they grow in relationship with their life conditions. These levels of values act as psychological lenses, filtering how we see and interpret the world and often called worldviews. This was first brought to the World’s attention in the early 1970’s through pioneering work by Professor Clare W.Graves and was taken forward by Chris Cowan and Don Beck. Don Beck was heavily involved using Spiral Dynamics to peacefully bring apartheid to an end in South Africa.

Integral View provides online spiral dynamics profiling for individuals and groups. There are three parts available for testing – a spiral dynamics values profile, a change profile and a culture profile.

The profiles can be used by individuals looking for insight towards effective life changes or compiled together for teams, to show group and organisational dynamics that are often otherwise hidden. Revealing these can open new vistas for growth and show the most accurate and appropriate change strategies personally or collectively. I offer these profiles with an analysis session and as an optional addition to a full coaching programme. The culture profiling tests the capabilities and areas for development in line with the influential work from Frederic Laloux of Reinventing Organisations.

Examples of the main profiles are below. Please contact to arrange an informal free chat to discuss any questions you have and find out if this fits with yours or your organisations needs.

Profile costing

Number of profiles per respondent
1 2 3
Personal profiles with reports £70 £90 £110
Extra group profile £80 £110 £120

Please note, these prices are for profiles alone, without professional interpretation or coaching.

I have attended a number of Jonathan’s talks about spiral dynamics which were immediately inspiring. I thought that this was such a helpful way to view what is going on in my personal development, my spiritual communities and in world events. It opened new pathways forward and new solutions for complex problems. I have learned such a lot since then from Jonathan, and really value that he combines direct experience of big shifts in consciousness in his own life with an awesome commitment to learning more. I can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough as an individual coach or for working with organisations that want to raise their game and take significant and sustainable shifts forward.

— Rev Dr Chloe Greenwood, M.B. ChB. Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Interfaith Minister and Faculty Member at the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation.