Feeling the call for change?

Are you ready to integrate and evolve?

If the answer is yes, please read on. My name is Jonathan and I set up Integral View to offer a dynamic coaching process that combines well-proven leading methodologies. I call this Evolutionary Purpose Work or EPW and it brings together spiral dynamics, integral coaching, embodiment and transformation game analysis and techniques. This coaching system is built upon meeting you right where you are at and deeply analysing the situation before moving forward into the actual coaching container.

Download a summary of the individual coaching process here.

This process of individual coaching can also be used and expanded as part of a framework to stimulate organisations to put employee growth at the heart of the company culture. Not just a select few executives but everybody! This frees up the enormous futile wasted energy of colleagues covering weaknesses, trying to look their best and managing desired impressions. This aligns evolutionary company purpose with deep evolutionary drives of the people, engendering new capacity and enthusiasm for the mission that flows naturally forward into financial benefits. These organisations are becoming known as Deliberately Developmental Organisations or DDO’s.

Download a summary of the organisational development process here.   

The best maps make for journeys with less wasted time and frustration. I hope you find the most suitable to achieve your purpose. Please contact me for a chat to find out if this may be for you or your organisation.